Choosing the right Chromebook Parts supplier can be a difficult task for any school district. AGParts Education offers comprehensive solutions for schools’ 1:1 device initiatives.

While budget is typically the chief constraint for most schools, remember that cheapest doesn’t necessarily mean lowest lifetime cost. There can be hidden fees in shipping and handling chargers, warranty, or restocking fees. Worse, the parts could be substandard or generic, which means they could fail quickly and pose a serious safety risk to your staff and students.

How can you ensure your choosing the right vendor? Have no fear—we are here to help. Today, we’re breaking down what you look for when choosing a Chromebook Parts supplier.


Quality Parts

Naturally, the first place to start with a Chromebook parts supplier is the actual parts. Parts should be OEM original or equivalent and pass rigorous inspection prior to being sold. All AC adapters should be UL certified.

AGParts Education only supplies OEM original new or equivalent Chromebook parts and UL-certified AC adapters. We are an authorized reseller for most major Chromebook brands including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung. Additionally, all parts go through a rigorous three-point inspection. If a part fails any part of the inspection for any reason, we don’t sell it.


Availability of Parts

It’s great if a supplier offers a quality product but means nothing if they can’t deliver the goods. This is where an in-house inventory and global resources come into play. A large inventory increases the likelihood that your district can receive the parts you need quickly. Global resources, that can really only be developed by supplies with time, means that if they don’t have the parts, they can get the parts quicker than most.

AGParts Education has 350,000+ Chromebook parts in stock. If we don’t have the part or quantity you need, we’ll use our global resources to make sure you get the part as quickly as possible.


Warranty & Return Policy

This is what we refer to as the “fine print.” You know that supplier that quoted your school an amazing price on those chargers you need tomorrow? Well, make sure you read or ask about their warranty and return policy.

This is where amazing deals translate into money pits. If the part isn’t covered under warranty or the supplier charges a restocking fee if you don’t use the part, it’s not a great a deal as it will increase the lifetime cost of the part. Here are a couple other things to keep in mind:

  • If a supplier is dramatically lower in price than other vendors, there’s usually a reason. Double check your quote and their terms.
  • If a supplier doesn’t offer a warranty, or offers a short-term warranty, that says something about the quality of their parts. You want a supplier that will stand behind the quality of their product by offering a warranty.

AGParts Education has the best warranty in the industry. We offer:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on all other products against manufacture defect
  • One-year warranty on chargers, batteries, and motherboards against defect
  • 90-day warranty on motherboard repairs

In addition to our warranties, you can also return functional parts that are the wrong part within 60 days. Realize your school doesn’t need the part? That’s okay, too. You can return those parts within 120 days. Since we consider you our partner, we never charge restocking fees.


Years of Experience & Reputation

Real talk: 1:1 device initiatives have not been around for 50 years. They’re relatively new, which makes finding a supplier more difficult because most don’t have the years of experience to prove they have what it takes. Check vendor websites to see how long they’ve been in business, how many schools they work with, and what the schools are saying in testimonials.

We’ve been in the classroom since 1:1 initiatives were introduced. Plus, we have 20 years of experience in the mobile device industry and partner with over 6,000 US schools.


Shipping & Handling

It seems so simple, but does your vendor offer free shipping? Do orders ship same day? Again, it’s wonderful if a vendor comes in with a reasonable price, but if shipping is not included or if you have to wait weeks, or months, for your parts, keep looking for another supplier.

AGParts Education offers free shipping on all orders, with 98% of orders shipping same day. Not only that, but shipping is free if you need to return parts.


ISO & R2 Certifications 

While it you may not think this applies directly to supplying parts, certain ISO and R2 certifications ensure that vendors are following standards for safety, quality, and recycling, while being environmentally responsible.

AGParts Education holds the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001, the quality standard
  • ISO 14001, the environmental management standard
  • ISO 45001, the occupational health and safety standard
  • R2 ensures responsible electronic recycling practices, including secure data erasure


Other Services

Having all your eggs in one basket can really pay off in the long run. Does your Chromebook Parts supplier offer any other services?

Save yourself the time and stress of having to use multiple vendors for multiple services. AGParts Education wants to be the only partner your school will ever need for your ed tech program. That’s why we offer comprehensive solutions for 1:1 device initiatives, including buyback, motherboard exchange and repair, reclaimed parts, and refurbished whole units, as well as a full line of COVID-19 safety supplies.

Ready to get started? Find out how AGParts can help your district today. Contact us today!

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