“I have tried using other competitors, but I have been most impressed with the quality of the parts received, the price point, and the customer service received when ordering through AGParts Education.”

Landon A.

Spencer Community School District, IA

“We rolled out a 1:1 Chromebook program in our middle school a little over five years ago. Ever since then, my staff has been responsible for doing repairs on the devices. Initially, we purchased a warranty from the manufacturer and we were able to secure parts from them. As budgets started to shrink, it made more sense for us to buy the parts on our own and save the money that would have been spent on a warranty. Therefore, I started shopping around for the parts we would need. Many vendors sold the parts we needed, but it would have been more expensive to repair the Chromebook than buy a new one… until a friend at another district told me about AGParts Education. We became a customer of theirs and it has been smooth sailing ever since.”

Bobby A.

Cucamonga School District, CA

“Richland School District Two has been repairing Chromebooks and other devices for many years. In the past, we had to use up to seven different suppliers to receive the support that we now receive from one: AGParts Education. We are 100% happy with AGParts Education. We haven’t found any other vendor who can match their part availability, prices, and customer service.”

Thomas F.

Richland School District Two, SC

“AGParts Education has been an exceptional resource for Edison Public Schools. As a large (over 16,500 students) 1:1 take-home district, device damages are an unfortunate reality. AGParts Education has always been able to provide the supplies and/or advice in helping us facilitate our repairs. Because of their attentiveness to our needs, I consider AGParts Education as a partner rather than a vendor.”

Ralph B.

CTO – Edison Township Public Schools

“Our school district currently is using over 10,000 Chromebooks. Our middle and high school students are each issued a Chromebook to take to class and home for the school year. We were purchasing parts from a number of different sources, and I found that the prices and service from AGParts Education were the best of all the providers I had tried. We’ve benefited by getting premium parts at a good price and fast delivery. This allows us to get the repaired units back to the students in a timely manner.”

Bonnie H.

IT Department – Littleton Public Schools


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