Cleaning your school’s Chromebooks can be a task when you aren’t sure how, when, or what to use when you clean them. Can bleach wipes be used? What about baby wipes? Soap and water? Steel wool? We’re just kidding about the last one, but what is the most effective way to clean your district’s devices? Enter the electronic wipe. It’s billed as an effective and safe solution to clean electronics, but is it worth the hype or just a shameless money maker?

Real talk: Electronics are expensive. Our devices are covered with dirt, grease, grime, fingerprints, and germs. This includes the Chromebooks used in your district. Regular cleansing of electronics is especially important today with the current public health crisis and global pandemic. We need to use something that is effective but won’t harm our devices.

Let me tell you a personal story. Once upon a time, I used a baby wipe to clean the screen of my MacBook Pro. I thought it would be an easy and effective way for me to free my screen of dust and residue. No big deal, right? Wrong! This was a decision I deeply regretted. My screen was never the same again. The wipe left an irremovable residue on my screen. Frankly, it made the screen look unappealing at best and plain gross at worst.

Don’t make the same mistake I did—don’t try using another cleaner expecting your device to be cleaned and retain its luster. Electronic wipes are worth the investment and are specially formulated to trap dust, remove residue, and safely disinfect your devices. They are especially important to use during the repair process.


What Are Electronic Wipes?

Electronic wipes are disposable, premoistened, soft wipes that are safe to use on Chromebooks, laptops, screens, trackpads, phones, and other electronics, components, and accessories. They are specifically designed to be used for your electronics.

Other wipes and cleaners don’t have the correct chemical formula needed to kill germs and viruses on your electronics without damaging them. They simply aren’t sanitizing your devices correctly. As I experienced firsthand, other cleaners can leave an unwanted and potentially damaging reside on your devices.

Our Mobile Device Sanitizing wipes are electronic wipes made from a 70% non-irritating isopropyl alcohol solution that can safely and effectively clean all your electronics.

Mobile Device Sanitizing Wipes


When Should I Use Electronic Wipes?

Electronic wipes should be used after every interaction with your K-12 devices, but there are two specific interactions when you should be using electronic wipes for your school’s devices.


Regular Cleansing and Disinfecting

Every time you need to cleanse, disinfect, or repair your Chromebook, you should be using electronic wipes to wipe down the devices and associated accessories.

Cleansing and disinfecting devices are particularly critical now as diligent measures and restrictions are in place to stop the spread of COVID19. Devices should be cleansed regularly or anytime they switch between users. Be sure to consult CDC guidelines and your school districts’ health and safety guidelines for cleaning frequency.



Using electronic wipes during the repair process is especially critical. Electronic wipes should be used to wipe down devices before and after the repair process. Many school districts perform their own Chromebook repairs. This means they don’t have access to cleanrooms, which are controlled environments to keep out air contaminants. Electronic wipes will help remove contaminates and trap dust, both of which could affect the functionality of your devices.

So, do yourself a favor, save the bleach wipes for the counter and invest in our electronic wipes. We’re sure you’ll love them.

Ensuring the health and safety of your teachers and students is our number one priority. Find out why over 6,000 school districts nationwide trust AGParts Education for their 1:1 Chromebook initiatives. Contact us today for more information!


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