Core Values

At AGI, we strive to create and inspire a culture of generosity amongst our team, families, and communities. All values and operations flow from this core belief. In this, we participate and actively encourage our team to participate in various service projects, both home and abroad. By adopting this approach, our team is part of the change we hope to make in the world.

With this mindset, we value:


We choose to engage compassionately in all that we do—with our customers, our employees, our communities, and our world.

Education & Technology

We value the integration of technology with education and believe that technology enhances a student’s educational experience.


We strive to be a leading innovator in cutting-edge mobile device technology to offer the most comprehensive and progressive solutions to our customers.

Personal Growth & Development

We believe that generosity begins with those closest to us, specifically our employees. We consistently encourage personal growth and development through continuing education and internal promotion.

Civic Engagement

We support causes that align with our values as an organization and with the values and passions of our team. We actively engage with our communities and other hurting parts of the world through various service projects. 

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