Managing your Chromebook’s lifecycle can be tricky. Unlike other devices, Chromebooks have a specific shelf life with an end-of-life date, called the Auto Update Expiration. What is AUE? What Chromebook models have a AUE in 2023? What should your school do if it deploys Chromebooks with a 2023 AUE?

We’ll answer all these questions today.


What is AUE?

Auto Update Expiration is the date when the Chrome OS will no longer support auto updates on your Chromebook model.

This doesn’t mean your Chromebook will self-destruct after this date. Think of AUE like a best by date, not an expiration date. Your Chromebook will still power and function, but it won’t receive software updates for new features or critical security patches. You also do not have access to technical support after the AUE.


Chromebooks with an AUE in 2023

Below is a list of Chromebooks with an AUE in 2023.

AcerChromebook Tab 10 D651NAugust 2023
AcerChromebook 11 (C771, C771T)June 2023
AcerChromebook 14 for Work (CP5-471)June 2023
ASUSChromebook Tablet CT100August 2023
ASUSChromebook Flip C101PAAugust 2023
ASUSChromebook Flip C302June 2023
CTLChromebook Tablet Tx1 for EducationAugust 2023
DellChromebook 13 (3380)June 2023
HPChromebook 13 G1June 2023
LenovoThinkPad 13June 2023


AUE in 2023? What to Do Next

Although Chromebooks still function after their AUE, upgrading your district’s Chromebooks is critical. Chromebooks that eclipse their AUE no longer receive OS updates or those vital security patches to ensure student success and privacy.

The question remains: what should your district do with its fleet of end-of-life Chromebooks? Old Chromebooks can’t just be thrown in the dumpster as their components are harmful to the environment. Rather than letting your used fleet collect dust in storage, your best option is to turn those old devices into cash through Chromebook buyback.

Chromebook buyback is the process of selling back your used devices to a company that processes used electronics devices. That company will evaluate your devices and assign a value to each device.

Tech buyback falls under the umbrella of IT asset disposition (ITAD). ITAD is the process of disposing of used or unwanted IT assets in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. This includes securely wiping data of the devices prior to disposal.

When choosing a company to sell your Chromebooks to, remember the acronym C.H.E.A.P.:

  1. K-12 Chromebooks contain sensitive information. Compliance with National Institute of Standards (NIST) is important. This guarantees data is wiped clean according to NIST guidelines and ensure your student data is protected.
  2. A hassle-free process will save your district many headaches. The buyback process should be simple and smooth, with flexible options to accommodate your district’s needs.
  3. Experience can be challenging to find as Chromebooks aren’t even ten years old, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. Ensuring your district partners with an experienced company in tech and Chromebook buyback is paramount. Experience means less stress and pain in the buyback process and can often translate into more money for your used fleet.
  4. As stated above, Chromebooks contain components that are harmful to the environment. Adherence to responsible recycling practices is essential. Be sure your tech buyback company takes environmental responsibility seriously.
  5. A company that values you as a partner, and not just a number, is key. They should be with you from start to finish, available for your needs.

That may seem like a daunting list of considerations, but we have good news. AGParts Education has all those qualities! In the classroom since Chromebooks were first introduced, our process is simple and designed with our school partners in mind. We even offer two methods of payout—cash or credit. With our credit option, your district will earn 10% more, keeping those funds in your technology budget. You’ll never have to worry about data falling into the wrong hands or components carelessly thrown away. Plus, your dedicated sales executive will be with your district every step of the way, and beyond.


Find out why 7,500 districts and counting have trusted AGParts Education for Chromebook buyback, parts procurement, and more. Contact us today!

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