Since their introduction in 2011, Chromebooks have won the favor of school districts and consumers alike. They’re affordable, secure, and lightweight. Lean on hardware and easy to repair, they’re the top choice for school districts’ 1:1 deployments. However, Chromebooks have a limited lifespan with each unit bearing an Auto Update Expiration (AUE), the date on which Google no longer supports OS updates and vital security patches.

But, did you hear? Earlier this month, Google announced they’re extending Chromebook AUE to a minimum of ten years. This significant extension begins in 2024 and means that existing Chromebooks will not expire in the next two years. How will this impact your district’s 1:1 deployment? Before we dive in, let’s look at what AUE is and its history.


About Chromebook AUE

Originally referred to as End of Life (EOL), AUE signifies the date on which Google will no longer support OS updates and vital security patches or provide technical support. Chromebooks are internet-based laptops and receive all their OS and security patches via Google. Although Chromebooks can be perfectly functional after their AUE, they won’t be supported by Google. Although Chromebook may no longer receive updates, it still performs a self-check when it boots and if it detects corruption, it reverts to its original state.

Originally, AUE was three to five years. Then, Google extended the date up to eight years on models that launched in 2020 or later. And now, Google had extended it once again to ten years.

For a complete list of updated Chromebook AUE, check out Google’s Auto Update Policy.

What Does This Mean for Your School?

There are many benefits to Google’s new policy. Extending Chromebook AUE could save public schools, and taxpayers, an estimated $1.8 billion. Here are other benefits of

  • Chromebooks remain cost-effective: While an extended lifespan can’t prevent irreparable damage, it does mean your fleet will be covered with OS updates and vital security patches longer. Schools can expect to get more mileage out of their current Chromebooks in both performance and budget—less money spent on new units as current fleets are lasting longer.
  • More control for technology departments: Schools have no doubt experienced offloading functional devices for no other reason than the AUE. With models gaining a minimum of two years, schools will no longer have to prematurely recycle their Chromebooks.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable: Less premature recycling of devices means less e-waste. Extending lifespan promotes sustainability, especially for schools that perform in-house repairs. Win-win!


How We Can Help

While Google’s policy changes, our mission remains the same: We help school districts reduce technology downtimes and stay within budget by empowering in-house repair through Chromebook parts supply and free Chromebook repair videos. Your district can still count on us for all your 1:1 deployment needs, such as:

  • Chromebook parts supply: 500,000+ OEM new or recertified parts
  • Buyback services: No-hassle process when your district is ready to offload its used fleet
  • Free educational resources: An extensive library of repair videos to power your in-house repair program

AGParts Education is here for you every step of the way. Contact us today to find out why 7,500+ school districts nationwide trust us as their complete lifecycle management partner.

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