We finally have the option to add audio directly to a Google slide! These are the best ways to add audio directly to your Google Slides for a more rich result. This feature is still rolling out to all Google accounts, so if you do not see it in your account yet, you should see it soon.

1. ChromeMP3 Recorder from HablaCloud

The first tool we are going to look at is by far the simplest of the bunch. It is the ChromeMP3 Recorder web app from HablaCloud. As this tool is a web app and not it a website, it only runs on Chromebooks. It will not run on PCs or MacBooks. If you are on a Chromebook though, this is a fantastically easy tool to use.

2. Online Voice Recorder

If you want another tool that is just about as simple, but runs on Chromebooks, PC’s, and Mac’s, then you can use Online Voice Recorder. If not on a Chromebook, this tool is the go-to tool for recording quick audio on the web.

3. Beautiful Audio Editor

The next tool for recording audio online is Beautiful Audio Editor. This tool is reasonably easy to use as well, but has a lot of extra editing features. If you’re looking to record simple audio, this might be more features than you need. But if you need to edit audio after recording, this is the tool for you.

4. Twisted Wave

For fancier editing tools and more features, use TwistedWave. The free version allows you to record up to five minutes of audio at a time.

Source: 4 Best Free and Easy Audio Recording Tools for Google Slides by Eric Curts and Luke Edwards, published in Tech & Learning


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